Papua New Guinea is one of Australia’s nearest neighbours. Since independence in 1975 there have been difficulties in the provision of health care and education. Whilst improvements continue to be made there is much more that can be done.

Oro Community Development Project (OCDP) is a not-for-profit, humanitarian organisation based in Australia and Papua New Guinea that supports communities in Oro Province, with a focus on training in education and health. Oro lies between the Owen Stanley Ranges and the north coast of PNG in a region that includes the Kokoda track.

Current projects include support for the general hospital at Popondetta, Oro’s capital, and St James’ Primary School at Hohorita, 20km from the main town.

Papua New Guinea’s challenges mean there also is enormous scope to make a difference. Our emphasis is on empowering local people to improve their everyday lives.

Funding for these and other projects comes from generous and compassionate individuals, groups and Australian schools. As well, we actively seek out partnerships with government agencies, business, churches and other NGO’s.

Registered Charity Tick ACNC

OCDP is a registered charity with Australia’s national charity regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC). You can find information about us on the
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  • TB in PNG

    Tuberculosis remains a major threat to PNG. The spread of the disease is becoming more widespread, affecting larger numbers of the population. Those who have developed resistance to the most effective drugs is ever growing. For some who suffer from the highly resistant strains, there are very few options. Treatment is often long and drawn out, requiring a strict adherence to drug protocols. Effective diagnosis is crucial but can often be problematic. A feeling of being overwhelmed by the situation is often common. OCDP continues its… Read on! →

  • Delivering in Different Surroundings

    A new Labour Ward has been constructed at Popondetta General Hospital. This positive development for the hospital replaces a building that had first been constructed just after World War II.

    Where expectant mothers give birth is an ongoing problem in PNG. Too many births still occur in the village where the chances of complications are extremely high. Often, very basically trained health professionals or those with no medical training are responsible for the birth of a baby. As well as the sanitation of the area being… Read on! →

  • A New Ward to Treat Tuberculosis

    The new TB ward at Popondetta General Hospital has now been completed. It will assist the Medical Ward with highly contagious patients who suffer from TB. These patients who are currently in the Medical Ward, are amongst… Read on! →