A New Ward to Treat Tuberculosis

The new TB ward at Popondetta General Hospital has now been completed. It will assist the Medical Ward with highly contagious patients who suffer from TB. These patients who are currently in the Medical Ward, are amongst other patients who do not suffer from TB. A lack of available space has resulted in this mix. One of the aims of the new TB ward is to reduce the presence of infectious cases on the ward.

Several Australian based foundations have donated and the structure has been constructed in partnership with many members of the Popondetta business community. This has included Sime Darby, USG and PDC. We sincerely thank these kind contributors who have assisted the hospital with this important initiative.

As well as the physical building, OCDP has continued to conduct training sessions with the medical staff at PGH. Supporting staff in their understanding of infection control measures, effective diagnosis and treatment of TB are all areas of continual follow up so that the treatment of TB can aim to be the best possible.