PNG National Elections 2017

PNG National Elections 2017

Newsletter No 21

The election campaign to elect the next National Parliament is now underway and at the last report 3,332 candidates had nominated for the 111 seats. The number of female candidates has increased by 30 to 171.

In Oro Province, three seats will be contested by at total of approximately 131 candidates.

The campaign period will finish on 23 June when voting will commence throughout the country on a rotating basis. This is expected to take a fortnight to complete. The declaration of the poll is scheduled to occur on 24 July.

In order to combat any mismanagement of funds, each week K20 million will be released into two separate trust accounts for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and the Electoral Commission to fund the election. It is also expected that the Royal PNG Defence Force will be utilised.

Ballot papers have been sent from Indonesia and are being kept in a secure location. They will be released from Moresby to polling centres a fortnight before the start of voting.

As well as the chanting and singing, churches and other groups have asked supporters to avoid excesses and ensure that the election period remains peaceful.


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