Update on the New Ward

Update on the New Ward

The new TB ward at Popondetta General Hospital will be the first of its kind in PNG. Plans for its completion are now within sight.

The roof has been completed as has the final fit out of the doors and windows. The deck surrounding the patient rooms is being installed with a sail type structure as cover between the two buildings. Plumbing and electrical services have nearly been finished. The painters will then start their work both inside and out.

The ward has six private rooms for patients with TB who are in very ill health. These people suffer from the most serious and contagious form of the disease. The ward has been designed to maximise cross flow ventilation. Family members will have access to their patient under the ‘sails’ between the two buildings or within the grounds.

Specialist nurses and doctors have had training from the OCDP medical team in caring for the patients, something that is updated regularly.


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