Fraud and Risk Policy

Fraud and Risk Policy

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The purpose of this policy is:

  1. To ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities for identifying exposures to fraudulent activities and for establishing controls and procedures for preventing such fraudulent activity and/or detecting such fraudulent activity when it occurs.
  2. To provide guidance to staff/volunteers/contractors as to action which should be taken where they suspect any fraudulent activity.
  3. To provide a clear statement to staff/volunteers/contractors forbidding any illegal activity.
  4. To provide assurance that any and all suspected fraudulent activity will be investigated.

Oro Community Development Project Inc (OCDP) will not tolerate any illegal activity.

OCDP will very carefully consider a claim of any suspected acts of fraud, misappropriation or other similar irregularity.

If it appears there are grounds for further action, the matter may be referred to an appropriate authority with the requisite power to objectively and impartially investigate the matter.

Any fraud may constitute grounds for the severance of their association with OCDP. Any serious case of fraud, whether suspected or proven, shall be reported to the appropriate authorities. Any person reporting a fraud, or a suspected fraud, shall suffer no penalty in their relationship with OCDP.


Revised May 2017



Mike Steketee – President, Management Committee

Email: [email protected]

Address: PO Box 219
Hunters Hill NSW 2110, Australia


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