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Get Involved

Partnerships with government agencies, businesses, churches and other NGOs are critical to our success. They allow us to expand our reach through education and health programs. We welcome collaboration to achieve our aims of co-operative and sustainable development.

By becoming a partner organisation, you can tailor your expertise and resources and just as importantly, your ethos and passion, to assist Oro Community Development Project. A memorandum of understanding can establish the necessary framework for our co-operation. Please make contact with us via the Contact Us tab.

Our immediate priority is improving the living standards of communities in Oro Province. OCDP delivers education and health training programs in partnership with local communities and agencies that are dedicated to supporting our priority of improving services through cooperation and sustainable development.

Our approach enables us to adapt quickly to changing needs and conditions. OCDP gratefully acknowledges the support we have already received in helping us achieve our goals. Fundraising is essential for us to carry out our work in the field.

We are seeking further, urgently needed assistance to make access to improved hospital and medical services a reality for the women, men and children of Oro Province.

Donations are always welcomed. Your donation over $2 is tax deductible.

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