It’s Happened

Newsletter No 16

I’ve fallen in love – with a hospital. It’s certainly not a place of beauty but what is so striking are the people.  The majority of the doctors are in the very early years of their careers and work excessively long hours in really difficult conditions. There is virtually no air conditioning and the heat is oppressive. Amongst the nursing staff are outstanding humanitarians.

The patients and their families wait quietly in hope that the illness will somehow go away.  They have tried sorcery and now this is their last hope. Many of the young children in their mothers’ arms are too sick to cry. But what is so worthy is their capacity to keep going and not simply give up.

Standing outside the labour ward, a woman a few metres away from me, slid onto the ground and gave birth.  There was no fuss and no noise except from the baby. Within five minutes the mother got to her feet and walked inside.


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