Faces of St James’ – Alphonse Waroda

Newsletter No 13

Alphonse Waroda is the Grade 7 teacher at St James’. Born on the North Coast of Oro Province in Karuda Village, he now lives in a teachers’ house at the school. Alphonse has three brothers and three sisters and is the eldest child of the family. He attended Ninderwari Primary School and then Martyrs Secondary School. For two years, he trained as a teacher at Gaulim Teachers’ College on the Gazelle Peninsula. Alphonse says he likes to listen to music and play soccer. Not only is he Sports master but he also has taken it upon himself to ensure the school surroundings are always looking at their best. He guided his Year 7 class in the building of a toilet using bush materials. He describes himself as being creative and showing initiative. This is certainly evident in his contributions to the school.


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