News from St James

Newsletter No 17

It is with sadness that we report the passing of one of the teachers at St James’ Primary School, Hohorita. A dedicated male teacher, he had made a real impact on the staff and students. Sadly, a week after he died his wife also passed away.

The staff at St James’ were deeply affected by these events and it made Term 2 difficult for everyone. However, they are looking forward to Term 3 with a greater confidence and with many exciting projects on the horizon.

It is with pleasure we welcome back our school handyman, Charlie, who will resume work this term. An extremely diligent worker, Charlie ensures the school is looking in prime condition and functioning to a high standard. Living in Hohorita village, he is well known by the school community.

He regularly works closely with the staff and students as well as the school builder, Vernon Gaera. Together they ensure the school is able to function to full capacity, serving the children of Hohorita as well as the surrounding villages.

Pictured: Returning this term, St James' school handyman, Charlie.
Pictured: Returning this term, St James’ school handyman, Charlie.



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