PGH Pharmacy

Newsletter No 19

Chief pharmacist, Mr Presley Aku, heads the Popondetta General Hospital Pharmacy. Up until very recently, a Clinical Pharmacist seconded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency had worked at PGH on a two-year placement from March 2014. Mr Kohhei Fukushima completed a wonderful job supporting and guiding the pharmacy during that time.

Despite a dedicated and hard-working staff, the pharmacy suffers from a huge workload under difficult circumstances. Inconsistency in supply as well as the issue of expired and ineffective medicines seems to have impacted adversely on both staff and patients.

Australian Aid supplied PNG’s medical drugs for many years. Recently this changed and the PNG government has now taken control of the purchasing and delivery of drugs throughout the country. There appears to have brought with it some difficulty with reports about the overall quality of drugs.

There are suggestions that key areas of education and health may be facing budget cuts. An already stretched system finds this all that more difficult to handle. Hear Governor Juffa discussing this on ABC radio –

Consultant clinical pharmacist, Susanne Weress has begun work with the PGH pharmacy to improve and guide the situation through some difficult times. Her ongoing partnership with the staff has resulted in a collaborative approach towards solving the struggles that the system encounters.


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