Faces of Popondetta General Hospital – Maria Cartwright

Newsletter No 16

Maria recently joined OCDP as an adviser for our work with Popondetta General Hospital. We were fortunate to have her join us on our first trip for 2015 in January together with another OCDP advisor and MSF surgeon, Dr Alan Scott.

For the last 18 years, Maria has worked extensively as a midwife with Médecins Sans Frontières in regions all over the world. Her experience has included lengthy placements in Ethiopia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, East Timor, Zambia, Nepal, Cambodia, Mongolia and Bougainville. Her most recent time in Bougainville saw her as Head of Mission/Medical Co-ordinator involving the management of the MSF program supporting maternal and child health and their TB program. Her ease and compassion saw her immediately embraced by the staff at Popondetta General Hospital.


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