What is Most Important at the Hospital?

Newsletter No 21

We would like to thank all of our tremendous supporters who have followed our journey in PNG. The areas of maternal health and infection control continue to be a focus for us at Popondetta General Hospital.

Together we have seen the continuation of training in maternal health at Popondetta General Hospital and surrounding areas. Midwives and paediatric nurses have been targeted for this intensive training that encompasses the vital minutes following the birth of a baby. Due to the success of this training, it will now begin to be facilitated in the outlying areas of Oro Province.

Tuberculosis is a rising problem in PNG. There is much concern in the country due to the poor facilities for its treatment as well as the lack of understanding of how to treat the disease. OCDP has also focussed its efforts on infection control to help tackle this problem. This has involved training medical professionals in effective treatment systems as well as the construction of a specialised ward to treat highly infectious and multi drug resistant patients suffering from TB.


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