Our Work

Our Work

Specialised educators and medical personnel travel to Oro Province throughout the year to provide training in health and education. Projects are chosen in consultation with local communities and with their full involvement to ensure that we provide facilities and services that are relevant to local needs and most likely to succeed.

In health, we undertake a professional assessment of facilities before starting training. We also conduct ongoing assessments with an emphasis on the key areas of TB and maternal health. In education, we assist in the implementation of the PNG curriculum in schools. At St James School, we have improved the learning environment and assisted in the implementation of the school curriculum.

Local communities are consulted at every stage to ensure their engagement with, and ownership of, projects. The aim is to have a genuine and lasting impact on the lives of people and their communities. We continually monitor the work we undertake to ensure we are ready to adapt to changed circumstances and to act on the evidence of what works best.

In working across cultures, we have found that one of the keys to real participation is encouraging people in local communities to ask questions and for visitors in turn to seek out answers. Apart from fostering active involvement, this reduces unresolved conflicts.


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