2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

This year the OCDP moves into our eleventh year of service to the people of PNG.

Thanks to all our loyal supporters who have provided the necessary financial resources to help us to continue our work.

We acknowledge the great support in terms of volunteer services including day to day administration and those who make up the OCDP medical training teams. Their make their medical expertise available and often sacrifice annual leave to travel to PNG.

The work of the Management Committee under the guidance of Mike Steketee has provided wise counsel and timely advice when challenging situations arose. This year we adopted telephone meetings via Telstra which resulted in productive meetings where there was maximum attendance.

Members of the management committee included-

President – Mike Steketee

Vice-president – Chris Duncan

Secretary – Emily Kleinig

Treasurer – Peter Thomas

Public Officer – Andrew White

Committee – Lisa Montgomery, Gunzee Gawin, Fanny Raio

Whilst it has been an unsettled time at Popondetta General Hospital, the new TB ward is now fully operational.

However disagreements between the two most senior staff at the hospital resulted in both individuals facing charges in court.

Some medical staff joined in the disruption whilst others resigned.

There were a number of occasions where external support was needed to ensure that the hospital could function as normal.

The hospital board has now advertised for a new CEO with additional duties.

This enhanced position will include management of PGH and of all rural health facilities and staff in the province.

The appointment of a new CEO should be announced soon.

On a number of occasions we planned to send an OCDP medical training team to the hospital but we were unable to guarantee the safety of the participants.

Throughout the challenging times at the hospital we have kept in contact with key personnel within the hospital and on the hospital board

Alternative plans for training medical staff at health centres and aid posts in the north of the province are now being assessed.

Michael Steketee


14 October 2019


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